Information about jymbag powered by souljym

How it works

How Jymbag™ works

Using the Jymbag™ powered by Souljym™ marketplace, you can easily discover and book all kinds of alternative, holistic, biofield, subtle energy metaphysical and mystical services and experiences.  Our hope is you find many opportunities to open the mind, expand the heart, heal the body and fuel the soul.

For Consumers

        Booking services and experience on jymbag™ is simple.

  1. Browse:  Explore the different spiritual fitness modalities and find the listing that resonates with you.  If you have a question, use our site messaging to communicate directly with service providers

  2. Book:  You can book and pay for your services through jymbag™. The service provider will confirm and, if appropriate, schedule with you. They will inform you if you need to prepare for the session or experience

  3. ExperienceCelebrate that you took the time to make yourself a priority.  Your mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual well-being are worth it

Need more help with finding the right service or experience? Our team are experts and here to help! Send us a message here.

For Businesses/Service Providers

        It is easy to list your business services on jymbag™!

  1.  Create an account and request verification

  2.  Add your services, classes, workshops, events and/or other offerings

  3.  Review booking requests from consumers via your user inbox. You can easily accept or deny any request on your own time and schedule with the consumer based on your availability

       Tips for listing your service and/or experience on jymbag™

  • In your listing description, give your potential client an idea of what they may expect if they book your service and/or experience  
  • Indicate your hours of service such as only book in the evenings or other limitations to your booking availability 
  • Please mention and identify any specific preparations that your client may need to consider prior to receive the service, class, or experience
  • Recommend using the highest quality pictures as possible for your listing
  • If appropriate, post in more than one subcategory if your service is covered by more than one modality.  We are always looking to add more categories so feel free to contact us if we have overlooked your area


        Fees and Payments

  • Set your own price:  You have the flexibility to set your price by the session, package, reading, attendee, etc.  You are in charge, we are here to advise if you need help
  • Low service fees:  There are no sign-up, posting, or monthly fees with jymbag™ by souljym™.  We charge an 8% service fee. This is calculated based on the price of the service or experience and is automatically deducted from the provider’s payout.  There is a loyalty program where a portion of this fee gets returned
  • Get paid: You can choose between Paypal or Stripe to get paid.  We will quickly disperse funds to you once a purchase has been made in accordance with the Paypal or Stripe platform, respectfully

Reward Program
We offer loyalty rewards back to the services providers, we want to thank-you for supporting the success of jymbag.  See insert link for details.

Community Guidelines

We take the safety of our community seriously, so our team will review all listings and remove any that are suspicious and/or violate our community rules (see below).

  1. Respect all other members and do not send spam, offensive, or threatening messages, leave comments, or engage in any other form of offensive communication
  2. Only create listings for services and/or experiences you are authorized to represent
  3. Strive to answering all messages in a timely fashion
  4. Jymbag™ powered by Souljym™ is a third-party marketplace and by using it, you must also comply with any and all local laws, regulations, and/or booking agreement(s) that are applicable
  5. We do not allow contact information or external links (URL's) on listings and/or in images that are added to listings.  This includes emails, websites, and phone numbers
  6. For the safety and security of our community, we do not allow contact information to be sent through our messaging prior to a confirmed booking. Sending messages containing your personal information, contact information, or taking transactions off our platform is against our policies and can result in being removed from our community