Angelic Crystal Bed Activation

Blessings and thank you for visiting my profile of sacred service.

My name is Antoinette Strauja from Redondo Beach, California and I am honored to work with you and your higher self to assist in the activation of your most sacred path!
I have learned from my own ascension journey that we are all on a sacred path during this blessed time on earth.

My specialty is to assist in the activation of your highest sacred path working with your higher self and the Angelic Realms.
I have learned from peering into my own akashic records that part of my highest sacred path is to bring back the use of sacred spaces, practices, and tools to activate souls to connect to their higher selves, highest guidance, and highest pathway.

All of my gifts that I share are consecrated in the One light and Love of Divine Mother- Father God for the highest good of those who I am honored to serve.

My sacred service is:
Angelic Crystal Bed Activation: I create a sacred space virtually or in person with you and your higher self to set a prayer and intention in divine motion for the highest balancing, activation, and co-creation for your highest sacred path.
The sacred space that I co-create is held in unconditional love with Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Uriel, Arch Angel Raphael, Arch Angel Sandalphon, Arch Angel Metatron, Isis other Unconditional Love Ascended Masters for what is needed now in your life.

We come together in the Angelic Crystal Bed Session for
1 ½ hr. We will take ½ hour to talk together about your prayer and intention and to get settled into the sacred space along with the Arch Angels and Unconditional Love Ascended Masters.
I will ask you to bring a written prayer of your intention(s) to our session or will assist to guide you in writing a prayer. I have found that the power of the written prayer works as an imprint of a divine directive of your intention to the Universe to activate divine manifestation. It’s like putting in the order of your desires in a divine shopping cart and then pressing “send” at the right time for you:)
This prayer is held in a Trinity until the next New Moon day after our session where I bring it to ceremonial completion with the Angels of Completion.
Whether virtually or in-person, you will lie under the crystal bed for 1 hour in a background of high frequency sound or music. I will also be using an Arch Angel Michael Selenite Sword of Light and Isis Crystal Ankh during our session for the highest guided activation of what is perfect for you.
We will close the session with the prayer of gratitude and blessings as you begin or continue your walk on your highest pathway.

The experience that you have before, during, and after will be the right experience for you directed by your higher self for your highest good. I’m excited to be on this blessed journey with you.

Blessed be, Antoinette Strauja

Session can be provided::
On-site (in person)
Virtual (Web)
Email Delivery